Our Clients

The existing and past clients of our firm, to which we act/acted as their auditors, reporting accountants or provide/provided other professional services are, as follows:

Internal Control Review

  • Aurum Pacific (China) Group Limited (8148)
  • Changtian Plastic & Chemical Limited (Singapore Listing)
  • China Sports International Limited (Singapore Listing)
  • China Trends Holdings Limited (8171)
  • Chuan Holdings Limited (1420)
  • Cool Link (Holding) Limited (8491)
  • Fast Systems Technology (Holdings) Limited (8150) (now known as "Seamless Green China (Holdings) Limited")
  • Great Harvest Maeta Group Holdings Limited (3683) (now known as "Great Harvest Maeta Holdings Limited")
  • Green Leader Holdings Group Limited (61)
  • Hang Sang (Siu Po) International Holding Company Limited (3626)
  • IR Resources Limited (8186) (now known as "M - Resources Group Limited")
  • Kingworld Medicines Group Limited (1110)
  • Li Heng Chemical Fibre Technologies Limited (Singapore Listing)
  • Pan Asia Environmental Protection Group Limited (556)
  • Prosten Technology Holdings Limited (8026) (now known as "China Brilliant Global Limited")
  • Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Limited (Singapore Listing)
  • Sino Oil and Gas Holdings Limited (702)
  • Smart Union Group Holding Limited (2700) (now known as "Green International Holdings Limited")
  • Solartech International Holdings Limited (1166)
  • Synear Food Holdings Limited (Singapore Listing)
  • Winto Group (Holdings) Limited (8238)
  • World Super Holdings Limited (8612)
  • Z-Obee Holdings Limited (948) (now known as "Alpha Professional Holdings Limited ")