Our Clients

The existing and past clients of our firm, to which we act/acted as their auditors, reporting accountants or provide/provided other professional services are, as follows:


  • China Art Financial Holdings Limited (1572)
  • China Environmental Technology and Bioenergy Holding Limited (1237)
  • China Household Holdings Limited (692)
  • China Innovation Investment Limited (1217)
  • China International Development Corporation Limited (264)
  • China Rare Earth Holdings Limited (769)
  • China Trends Holdings Limited (8171)
  • Everbest Century Holdings Limited (578) (now known as "Rosan Resources Holdings Limited")
  • Fast Systems Technology (Holdings) Limited (8150) (now known as "Seamless Green China (Holdings) Limited")
  • Hang Tai Yue Group Holdings Limited (8081)
  • Hua Yi Copper Holdings Limited (559) (now known as "DeTai New Energy Group Limited")
  • IR Resources Limited (8186) (now known as "M - Resources Group Limited")
  • Jiangsu NandaSoft Technology Company Limited (8045)
  • Loudong General Nice Resources (China) Holdings Limited (988) (now known as "Silk Road Logistics Holdings Limited")
  • Munsun Capital Group Limited (1194) (now known as " Bay Area Gold Group Limited")
  • New City Development Group Limited (456)
  • Pan Asia Environmental Protection Group Limited (556)
  • Peaktop International Holding Limited (925) (now known as "Beijing Properties (Holdings) Limited ")
  • Pearl Oriental Innovation Limited (632) (now known as " CHK Oil Limited")
  • Shanghai Qingpu Fire-Fighting Equipment Co., Limited (8115)
  • Sino Vision Worldwide Holdings Limited (8086)
  • Syscan Technology Holdings Limited (8083) (now known as "China Youzan Limited")
  • Zhidao International (Holdings) Limited (1220)
  • Z-Obee Holdings Limited (948) (now known as "Alpha Professional Holdings Limited")