Scope of Professional Services

Statutory Audit

  • Audits of annual accounts of companies in compliance with the Hong Kong listing rules, the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and relevant rules and regulations
  • Advice to clients on accounting and auditing related matters
  • Advice to directors on their statutory obligations and responsibilities

Tax Compliance and Investigation Support

  • Acting as tax representative for the preparation and filing of annual Profits Tax Return, Employer’s Returns for employees’ filing, Individual Tax Return, Property Tax, and Personal Assessments
  • Advice on company and individual tax arrangements
  • Advice on estate duty and stamp duty arrangements
  • Handling enquiries, tax field audit, investigations, and appeals with the Inland Revenue Department

Finance and Management Advisory

  • Pre-IPO advisory and arrangement
  • Merger and acquisition advisory
  • Preparation of business proposals and budgets
  • Preparation and review of procedure manuals and other value added reports
  • Provision of internal control review and enterprise risk management for compliance with corporate governance requirements

Due Diligence and Other Special Purpose Review

  • Investigation for identified irregularities and making recommendations
  • Preparation of due diligence and other special purpose reports for acquisitions, mergers, listing requirements, etc.

Internal Control Review

  • Revision of the internal control and enterprise risk management systems
  • Revision and monitoring the execution of the internal control and risk management procedures
  • Provision of recommendations for improving the internal control and risk management

Debts Restructuring and Insolvency Support

  • Advice on liquidation, bankruptcy, and insolvency matters
  • Assistance to rescue companies in financial crisis or debts restructuring
  • Debts restructuring for individual
  • Monitoring financial performance of problem companies
  • Preparation of statement of affairs

Litigation Support

  • Analysis of financial and accounting related data to support litigation proceedings
  • Preparation of professional report to support litigation proceedings
  • Expert witness services

Company Secretarial

  • Incorporation of new companies in Hong Kong and overseas
  • Maintaining company registers, such as registers of members and directors
  • Arranging for director and shareholder meetings and preparation of relevant minutes
  • Preparation and filing returns with the Companies Registry or other overseas registries
  • Provision of registered office and nominee services
  • Deregistration and liquidation services

Accounting and Business Support

  • Maintaining accounting books and records
  • Preparation of monthly and statutory financial statements
  • Handling business correspondence
  • Handling payroll and MPF records